Grooming Services

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Full Service Groom/Tidy-up/Creative Color Grooming

Full service groom is a full hair cut where as a tidy-up is just a clean up on a hair cut and or we say a face feet and fanny clean up. Unless your dogs is currently on a schedule with us, typically you are looking for a full-service groom. Generally the price scale for a full service hair cut range from $75-$180, tidy- ups are generally $20 cheaper due to not having to do a full haircut. Creative color grooming is available, but does need to be scheduled with Lindsay specifically (call for details). 


Baths are for dogs that do not typically get hair cuts. We wash first with a good cleaner for the pets coat before selecting the finishing shampoo needed. we have over 20 shampoos and conditioners we choose from ranging in medicated to "likes to roll in dead animals" and everything in between. your groomer will access your pets coat before selecting the product that's right for your pets needs.  Pricing ranges from $45-$120

Walk-In Services

Walk-in services are those services that the pet parent sticks around for such as nail trimming/grinding, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, anal gland cleaning, flea and tick treatments, and walk in retail and gift certificate purchases (All sales are final). *We no longer provide just brush outs on pets due to COVID. we pride ourselves in maintaining a very clean facility. Prices vary from $10-$50

Grooming & Services

When it comes to our grooming services, we will always clip/grind pets nails, clean/pluck ears, check glands, and brush teeth with our enzymatic maintenance based paste.  Prices are determined by condition, size, and temperament. Our base prices are for pets that stay on a schedule. Some pets that need special handling such as (age restrictions with standing drying, condition, and temperament and or behavior), additional charges may apply. We do not offer refunds due to not being able to glue hair back on your pets. We do prefer pets to be on schedules especially if you have a certain look you like to keep your pet in. Your groomer will work with you to help meet your grooming goals. Typical appointment schedules are 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 weeks which your groomer can help you determine your pets specific needs. We work on multiple pets at a time, so you can expect a time frame from 3 to 4 hours long. For the owners that like a super long fluffy coat, maintaining that means being on a 2, 4 week brush out bath schedule, if that is not doable and your pet is matted you may need to look into a lifestyle groom that keeps your pet healthy and happy. 

What our customers are saying

We absolutley love L & M Ventures Pet Spa! We have finally found the perfect place to groom and pamper our shih tzu.

Elizabeth Lindquist

Service Prices

Prices are based on size, condition, and temperament of pet. Special handling and matting fees apply. 

Full-Service/TIdy-up/Creative Color


Per Visit

Best Package Offer

3.5-4 hr session

Full Service Groom-all over haircut

TIdy-up (puppy training) and maintnance


Baths/shed buster/no Hair Cutting


Per Visit

Best for General Upkeep

3-2 hr session

Deshedding Treatments

General bath and or medicated


Walk-In Services & Retail


Per Visit

Best for Busy Homes

10 minute session


teeth/ears/glands/flea and tick/ retail